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Divine Destiny & Purpose

Everything in this existance was created for a purpose. As a human being finding and fulfilling your purpose is the most important thing that you can do for your life.

About DDP7

Divine Destiny & Purpose was designed to assist people recognizing that they are divine creations and they have the ability to live their life with a sense of purpose and power. For it is when a person has the definite purpose with a determined destination that they become unstoppable.

The Mind: The 8th Wonder of the World

Your brain is more powerful than you can ever imagine. We think 1000’s of thoughts a day, complete 1000’s of tasks all while our brain regulates our blood pressure, balance, body temperature and digests our food. Learning to use your brain is the key to success in any endeavor.

The Magnificent Human Body

Ther are 100’s of people that take their body for granted becuase they don’t have a clue of the beauty and majesty that we are blessed with called the gift of life. Learn how to get the most from your body in order to have an empowering quality of life.

The Spirit: The Inner Man

Where there is no Spirit there is no Life. the spirit is the inner person that gives life and energy to the mind and body. It connects us to the creator and makes us the most unique creation in the galaxy. Once you harness the power of the Spirit your life will never be the same.

The Power of  Self Mastery

The most challenging thing in this life is to gain mastery over yourself. To have the ability to control your feelings, emotions, urges and opinions is the first step towards freedom from fear. This Website will provide you with the tools and resources needed for you to be a Master of Self.

Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding


No one can stop an individual that has the knowledge to make sound decisions, the wisdom to learn from error and the understanding of how they can turn adversity into triumph

- Rich Smith

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Empower yourself by learning how to use adversity as a stepping stone and hardships as fuel for growth.


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