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About Divine Destiny & Purpose

Every moment of the day our brains are at work keeping us alive.

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There is more to life

Visiting this website is the first step towards obtaining the ability to creating an empowering quality of life and a higher consciousness regardless of your outward circumstances. I created this website for people such as myself that know that there was something more to life. For many years it seemed my life was dictated by my job, my kids, my spouse, family and society. It was not until a near death experience that I realized that life is much more than what I thought. So I began to try to understand the mysteries of my existance and what I found is so amazing that I had to share.


As a man thinketh

I would not classify myself as an avid reader and in many cases I would rather watch a movie, or listen to an audio. So I was astonished when out of the blue I picked up this book and didn’t put it down until I read the entire book. The name of that book was As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I would not be doing the book any justice if I say that it changed my life in fact it changed the lives of everyone around me as well. I know what you are thinking. How can a book change you and other people?  Well, the change came in the way I looked at people and the way I looked at myself. In turn it changed the way people looked at me and responded to me because of the vibe I was sending off from my changed mental outlook on them.


Mastery of Destiny

After reading As A Man Thinketh I started to learn more about the author and some of the other books that he wrote and as I started to read other books that he had written I noticed the similarities in my own life and the lives of others. It’s like the words of the books began to jump off of the page and give me insight intomany things that I took for granted for decades. As an author myself Ibegan to see the similarities in the wirting of James Allen and my own. His words seemed to be an extension of my own thoughts but it was the way that he expressed them and organized them on the page that gave me the inspiration to create this website to share this knowledge with other people.

Life Mission

My life mission is to help people that have experienced trauma in their lives and they want to recover and heal from the things that have plagued them for years. Through my own experiences of loss, trauma and depression to living a life of strength, power and resilience.

Inner Power

Everyone is going to go through something. If tragety has not struck your home yet believe it it will. Sadness and pain know no color, race, income level, gender or political affiliation. Tragety is a part of life for everyone and although we do not know when it will affect us or how we will respond you have to be read for anything now a days.  In this life nort only do you have to get over traumatic experiences but you have to grow and excel regardless of them. It may sound easy to do but for millions of people tragety, hurt, pain haunt people throughout their entire lives. However now a new day has begun, the day of healing and then the day of empowerment. This is your inner power.