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7 ways to enhance your life
1) Recognize that you have something to contribute
2) Confront what is stopping you from becoming your best
3) Eliminate all negative influences
4) Embrace the positive things in your life
5) Cultivate the skills, knowledge and wisdom that you will need
6) Develop an attitude of appreciation and dedication
7) Provide yourself and others with a sense of purpose

7 steps to Self-Realization
What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?
1) Create your own mission statement
2) Create your own philosophy for life
3) Determine that you deserve the best that life has to offer.
4) Find out how you are going to get what you need from life
5) Create a plan – step by step
6) Develop a method of accomplishment
7) Research what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

7 Steps to Action
1) Realize that you have a divine plan for your life
2) Realize you have a purpose for existence
3) Shape your vision into your goal
4) Develop your goal into a plan
5) Plan your work and work your plan
6) Maintain your focus
7) Bring your dreams to reality

7 Empowering Affirmations
1) You are a divine being with infinite wisdom
2) Every set back is a blessing in disguise
3) You have infinite patience and persistence
4) Everything in your experience is here to help you achieve your goals
5) You are connected to an unlimited source
6) The right circumstances are already here
7) You are open and will to attracted to all I desire

7 Steps to Inner Peace
1) Thank – God for each moment your life
2) Examine – your own life, give myself props for the success and recognize your shortcomings
3) Give – Give God time, Give yourself time, , Give to those that are less fortunate
4) Correct – Correct the things in your life that you know that you can correct
5) Confront – Confront those things in your life that are not helping you
6) Restore – Restore the things in your life that you have neglected, talents, relationships, creativity
7) Accept – Accept the things that you cannot change and accept that we are human
8) Release – Release toxic things from your life, including the toxic foods, people and situations
9) Renew – Renew your life and change your mind and turn away from the things that you have in your live that are not working

7 Steps to Execution
1) Look for individuals and businesses that are doing what you want to do
2) Contact them and find out more information on how to communicate with them
3) Look for any opportunities that may be available
4) collect a database of individuals and businesses that you can market your services too
5) Build cooperative relationships
6) Create individualized products and services
7) Create multi-media marketing material

7 Powerful Characteristics
1) Always be grateful for your journey not matter what stage you are in
2) Use stumbling blocks as stepping stones
3) Show enthusiasm and gratitude in all situations
5) Find an individual or organization to give to expecting nothing in return
6) Always be friendly and have a smile on your face.
7) Never stop learning and growing

Place this list where you can read it easily, post it on the wall, place it on the refrigerator where you can see it every day. As you go throughout your day read the list that most pertains to your particular situation and review it. Ask yourself the question, am I performing this task in the best possible way with the best attitude that I can be? If you analyze yourself and you are not satisfied with your answer make immediate steps to correct your outlook on the situation at hand. Change your approach and watch how the situation can change in your favor.