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What is Self Awareness?
I must admit I am a bit voyeuristic but I don’t watch people to judge them but I watch them to learn from the result of their attitudes and behaviors. We all look at others and we clearly see the results of their actions and usually the same actions produce the same results. I have heard it said that a smart person learns from their mistakes but the wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

During my observations I have noticed a lot of things that I used to do myself and realized that I was doing those things because “everyone is doing it” when everyone else is doing it seems like it must be right. But if you look at certain behavior that people do because they are following the crowd they are usually miserable especially if it is something that they do not really want for themselves. Following the crowd is dangerous because you tend not to get to know your authentic self.

I have learned that every action is rooted in a person’s self awareness and the weaker the self awareness the more likely that the individual will make bad decisions that often lead to stagnation and even depression. Self awareness is a phrase that is seldom used and when used is commonly misunderstood. The dictionary says that self awareness is a state of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness. Sometimes the definition of a word in the dictionary may not stress the meaning as much as it should be in order to make the impact that it should for such an important subject.