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Affirmations of power-1

7 ways to enhance your life
1) Recognize that you have something to contribute
2) Confront what is stopping you from becoming your best
3) Eliminate all negative influences
4) Embrace the positive things in your life
5) Cultivate the skills, knowledge and wisdom that you will need
6) Develop an attitude of appreciation and dedication
7) Provide yourself and others with a sense of purpose

7 steps to Self-Realization
What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?
1) Create your own mission statement
2) Create your own philosophy for life
3) Determine that you deserve the best that life has to offer.
4) Find out how you are going to get what you need from life
5) Create a plan – step by step
6) Develop a method of accomplishment
7) Research what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

7 Steps to Action
1) Realize that you have a divine plan for your life
2) Realize you have a purpose for existence
3) Shape your vision into your goal
4) Develop your goal into a plan
5) Plan your work and work your plan
6) Maintain your focus
7) Bring your dreams to reality

7 Empowering Affirmations
1) You are a divine being with infinite wisdom
2) Every set back is a blessing in disguise
3) You have infinite patience and persistence
4) Everything in your experience is here to help you achieve your goals
5) You are connected to an unlimited source
6) The right circumstances are already here
7) You are open and will to attracted to all I desire

7 Steps to Inner Peace
1) Thank – God for each moment your life
2) Examine – your own life, give myself props for the success and recognize your shortcomings
3) Give – Give God time, Give yourself time, , Give to those that are less fortunate
4) Correct – Correct the things in your life that you know that you can correct
5) Confront – Confront those things in your life that are not helping you
6) Restore – Restore the things in your life that you have neglected, talents, relationships, creativity
7) Accept – Accept the things that you cannot change and accept that we are human
8) Release – Release toxic things from your life, including the toxic foods, people and situations
9) Renew – Renew your life and change your mind and turn away from the things that you have in your live that are not working

7 Steps to Execution
1) Look for individuals and businesses that are doing what you want to do
2) Contact them and find out more information on how to communicate with them
3) Look for any opportunities that may be available
4) collect a database of individuals and businesses that you can market your services too
5) Build cooperative relationships
6) Create individualized products and services
7) Create multi-media marketing material

7 Powerful Characteristics
1) Always be grateful for your journey not matter what stage you are in
2) Use stumbling blocks as stepping stones
3) Show enthusiasm and gratitude in all situations
5) Find an individual or organization to give to expecting nothing in return
6) Always be friendly and have a smile on your face.
7) Never stop learning and growing

Place this list where you can read it easily, post it on the wall, place it on the refrigerator where you can see it every day. As you go throughout your day read the list that most pertains to your particular situation and review it. Ask yourself the question, am I performing this task in the best possible way with the best attitude that I can be? If you analyze yourself and you are not satisfied with your answer make immediate steps to correct your outlook on the situation at hand. Change your approach and watch how the situation can change in your favor. 

How to Spot an Abusive Person

How to Spot an Abusive Person

Every moment of the day our brains are at work keeping us alive.

What is Mindfulness?

How to spot an abusive person


A lot of times I have heard. Victims of abuse say that there were not any warning signs before they got involved with the person that ended up abusing them. A lot of times, they even say that the person started off being nice and didn’t have any flaws that they can recognize? However, there are at least 12 things that you would be able to notice in a person that is potentially. Abusive?


One someone who doesn’t take personal responsibility and blames others for their actions. Have you ever talked to someone? And during the conversation they blamed someone else for something that they did, for instance, you may be casually talking to someone and they’ll say I was so mad that I threw a rock and broke the window and it hits my teachers fault because if I was not mad at my teacher, then I would not have behaved in a totally shifting the blame of their behavior. Without taking responsibility for what they did. Or someone that says I robbed or stolen or sold drugs because I was hungry and I didn’t have the opportunity to get a job is a way of shifting your responsibility. That is the first most dangerous characteristic that someone could have because they will never own up to something that they did no matter what triggered their action even if what they said trigger their actions is not justifiable in the extreme that they acted upon


To a person that victimizes themselves. Someone that he uses a negative event that happened to them as a crutch to get a special favor to justify negative thoughts or actions. The first thing that a person that has a fragile character would do is use whatever negative thing that happened to them as an excuse or a reason to justify negative behavior towards somebody else. For instance, in an extreme case where a child abuser would say I was abused as a child, so that’s why I abused children now and a lot of people use their own victimization to be to justify having anger and even becoming a predator.


Someone who is obsessed with material things and values stuff over people. Everybody wants nice things, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things, however, things have a value and people have a value when you see the desire in another human being to possess things that. Validate them to others meaning that their possessions are not only their possessions, their possessions are actually a part of their identity so the same person would kill to have a thing would kill to have the thing that they are obsessing over and that thing can be money that thing could be drugs that could think it. That thing can be a building. It can be anything that they their greed is making them obsess over. Then that person is likely to. A find or defend their possession over the lives of someone else. People die over a dollar every day. So you also have to examine someone’s motive in being successful their motive and having things, why is it a part of their identity, a part of who they want the world to perceive and if their desire becomes green than they are? A dangerous individual. For someone that.


For someone that uses mind altering substances the brain is a big chemistry lab and everything in your brain conducts your behavior and anything that alters your brain chemistry in any way can alter your decision making skills. And although in our country we are facing an epidemic and drug use. Allies on this epidemic? But don’t even realize that the epidemic starts with alcohol and not just that these substances give you a you for a charge, but they also damage critical areas of your brain that help you with decision making skills. And. Every person that becomes a slave to a mind altering substance, no matter what it is. Has the ability to numb critical parts of their brain that has to do with judgment such as empathy or intelligence memory meaning that things that things and behaviors that they would never think of doing without the substance becomes more acceptable and prevalent in their thought process that’s why alcohol can make murderers out of people that when their family or friends look back at it, they say I never thought this person was so nice. I never thought that. . In the case of. Individuals that drive under the influence and run somebody over on the side of the road and don’t stop and then go on and try to cover up what they have done and sometimes they get caught and sometimes they turn themselves in, but they are they end up being the type of people that would have never ran someone over and if they did, they were. Of them there to die. But the alcohol played a key factor in their decision, either to stop or to keep going and all of these principles tie into what I’m saying as someone that’s dangerous.


A person with a diagnosed mental illness and refuses to get help. After reading a lot of statistics, I have read that one of 5 Americans have a mental illness. The worst thing about having a mental illness and being diagnosed with a mental illness is the stigma that is attached to it because nobody wants to be labeled mentally ill on any level.


So denial is a part of the disease. However, with many mental illnesses without proper treatment, the illness gets worse and the behavior of the person gets worse. There are people that live with mental illness that have wonderful lives, but it’s because they take care of themselves and they. Our diligent about taking the medication and living the lifestyle that would help them overcome the destructive thought process of the illness. But if they are not taking their medicine or if they are not living the right lifestyle then they become a danger to you and everyone else. Important that we remove the stigma so more people will go to get help instead of trying to hide their illness and prompting the illness to become more prevalent as it affected. There behavior


Someone that puts down or degrade other people. People are different and no one looks at or talks the same. However, ironically, there are people that try to fit in a group to separate themselves from other people because individuality scares people so what they do is they join groups and the. And they joined things and organizations, and they do they join these entities with other people, and they try to point out the things that make them similar, and once they point out what makes them similar, they separate themselves from other people that don’t have the trait that they all identify with. Be it skin, co. Height wait economic status so a lot of times once they separate themselves it becomes their existence becomes based on an us and them mentality everyone else is different than they are so now it’s easier to degrade them because them have nothing to do with us and the most widely spread is racial prejudice but there is also sexual prejudice religious prejudice as long as mankind tries to separate themselves they will always have an which is not bad within itself, but when you are with someone that degrades another human being for any reason there, it’s easier for them to degrade you, and even if you degrade someone because you’re mad at them. Let’s say you’re with someone and they are talking about an ex friend or ex lover, and they’re degrading them because they’re angry at them. Who’s to say that next year they won’t be talking about you that way so you always have to look at someone’s behavior in the way that they treat. No matter what type of engagement they’ve had with that person.


People that do not respect others. I have been out to dinner with people that disrespected waters and in that interaction that gave me an insight into that person’s character that I probably would have not noticed, but in every encounter that I have with a human being now I always back out and look at the situation without my feelings being involved. An individual’s behavior. As why are they doing this? What is the motive behind that gesture or word? Why do they act this particular way at this particular time around me? What is the motive behind the madness?


Individuals with most multiple personality disorders as a result that result in violent outbursts. Have you ever been around someone that usually calm? But every now? And then they have a violent outburst. I live with someone like that, and every time I would hear their car drive up coming home from work, I would just be afraid. Because I never knew if they were going to be in a good mood or a bad mood, usually this had to do with alcohol, but it didn’t matter because even if it, even if it was the substance, the substance didn’t create the behavior because even when that person was not drinking, they still have violent outbursts for no reason some for very little reason. People like this are true to who they are and a lot a lot of times what would happen if is someone that is abusing you. They will have a violent outburst, followed by a bunch of apologies and gifts. And the. People that do that will say they can’t control the outburst so what happens if there is a knife or a gun or you know he is a dangerous situation and they have an outburst that they can’t control. So if someone has one outburst just one, then you have to make a decision if you want to see the next one because it will be another one.


A person that holds grudges and holds on to the past. I personally know people that have grudges from 30 years ago, and if you talk to them, they’ll talk to you like it was yesterday and their body reacts like it was yesterday. But its something about the way that they hold on to the anger and the grudge that makes them toxic. There is no way that you can separate a person from that type of behavior and say something like oh yeah, he’s still mad at his ex wife, and when this person talks about their ex, they’re fuming raging mad, but in your mind you’re thinking this same person has the ability to love you love and hate can’t live in the same house, it’s just that the hate isn’t directed toward you yet until you become the x. But people never see this in the beginning. They see the behavior as normal, but by the time they realize that that behavior was not normal, they are already engaged in the relationship of this to.


Someone who is jealous and controlling. Sometimes this becomes very subtle. Especially if the person that you’re involved with is not. Near especially if you’re not dating the person yet, but there’s always signs in the beginning, and usually they are in the form of a question. People tell you who they are. For instance, if we’re just going out and were just friends, but I have an interest in having a relationship with you, and then we go out and I say, are you wearing that? My question may not even be in a disrespectful manner, but I’m showing signs of wanting to control what you are doing, sometimes it really has nothing to do with the clothes, sometimes it’s just a test to see what your reaction. Because as the relation relationship progresses, there will be more questions. Why do you live here? Why do you have that car? Why do you dress like this? Then, the more you become involved with this person now it’s why don’t you change that? Why don’t you change this? Why don’t you do this better? Okay, the deeper you get into a relationship now it’s a demand I want you in like you doing that, I don’t want to hang with those friends, I don’t want you being this way I want you the way that I want you. That that’s the number one sign of a very dangerous person because they want to control you, they say they love you, but they don’t love you, they love what they want you to what they want to fit you into being. Just happen to have the look now they want to shape you into the person


A person that does not care about the results of their choices. The worst thing about someone that does not care about the results of their choices is that they will do anything because they’re not afraid of jail and they’re not afraid of death. They’re not afraid of dishonor, so there’s no moral standard in their life. . Unless you want to be that way, you do not want to be around people that are that way because once you go to jail or prison and you get used to it now there’s no mystery to it. There is no pain to it. You already know that you got a bed and you’re gonna eat, we watch TV or whatever you do though. Go back, you’re not, you don’t care if you go back. So that’s a loose cannon and all it takes is one match to set it off and a lot of the people that. Say that they don’t care about their own lives they become suicidal or homicidal as it is nowadays you want to stop it before it even gets to the point where you enter your enemy in your home or in your life the results of your choices. Is going to make all the difference in your quality of life and the length of life that you live?


People make these decisions to get involved with people that are dangerous because of low self esteem sometimes they’re manipulated isolated or secretly planning to harm someone else stipulation they just start telling you what to do


What is Mindfulness?



How Does Brainwaves Affect State of Mind?

Throughout the day we all go through a series of brain activity. All day we manifest this energy that helps us to think, reason and examine our decisions. Your state of mind is directly affected by your brainwave activity. Your state of mind is the most important tools that you have for your success. If you feel good you are able to make decisions and make a good impression on the world. If you are in a lousy state no matter how good your intentions you will not be very effective in expressing yourself.


What is Mindfulness?


How Does Brainwaves Affect State of Mind?

Throughout the day we all go through a series of brain activity. All day we manifest this energy that helps us to think, reason and examine our decisions. Your state of mind is directly affected by your brainwave activity. Your state of mind is the most important tools that you have for your success. If you feel good you are able to make decisions and make a good impression on the world. If you are in a lousy state no matter how good your intentions you will not be very effective in expressing yourself.


What is Mindfulness?


Changing Your Environment

You may not be able to change your outward environment however you can change your inner environment by changing your state of mind. You may live in a place that is not conducive to your growth but it should not keep you from growing. In order for you to grow you have to maintain a positive outlook on life and maintaining a high level of self-esteem and self-worth.  Nothing raises your self-worth and self-esteem like having a healthy thought life. Having the ability to control your own thoughts under any circumstances of a skill that becomes a gift to yourself and others. Controlling your state of mind b controlling your brainwave activity is the first step in your journey to self-empowerment.

Brainwave Activity


The different types of brainwaves


  • Deep sleep
  • Trigger growth
  • Body healing
  • Lowest activity
Theta 4 - 7 Hz
  • Deep relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Creative states
  • Intuition
Alpha 8- 12
Beta 12 - 30 Hz
  • Awake
  • Normal alertness
  • Thinking
  • Cognition
Gamma 30 Hz
  • Focus
  • Flow
  • Higher learning
  • Peak performance


The Most Powerful Force in The Universe
The Mind is a Powerful Mechanism in the Universe it provides us with the ability to see analyze and conceive the environment around us. Not only that we are able to adjust ourselves to our surroundings and sustain our life, but we are able to control our reality by controlling our thoughts.